Services & Rates

Licensed Massage Therapy

30 minutes: $45
45 minutes: $60
60 minutes: $75
90 minutes: $100



Are you in pain?

Hoping for some relief?

As a graduate of the Bancroft School of Massage Therapy, I offer treatments tailored to YOUR specific soft tissue issues, pathologies, and areas of restricted range of motion.  Continuing education has included  myofascial mobilization & traction of the cervical spine to address neck, shoulder and back. 

Pain, stress, and post-operative issues are conditions that you will find relief from with my work.  Often clients will come see me more frequently initially, then extend their time between treatments as they are seeing results.

I am continually utilizing the amazing benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils and incorporate them into the work as needed.  I also offer deep tissue work, a relaxation sequence, or regional work as requested to fit any budget.


 If you are interested in learning more about my education, Click on the logos to go to the school's websites.



Whole Health Education


Do you have health concerns that don't seem to respond to conventional treatments? Are you hoping to incorporate alternative medicine but don't know where to start?

I offer a non-judgmental approach while listening to your health concerns and will provide you with scientifically-based information. You establish your own goals. I am a resource for you to better be able to communicate with your healthcare providers.  Whole Health Education empowers you to make informed decisions regarding incorporating complementary modalities including massage therapy, essential oils, micronutrients and other healing arts.

$35/hour or $160 for the 6 session series


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Essential Oil Treatments

30 minutes: $45
Add-on to massage minutes: $10


Experience an essential oil treatment along the spine & feet for yourself!  The Raindrop and Vitaflex Techniques are amazingly powerful and invigorating! 

 In 2005, I became a Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil consultant.  Since that time, I have been trained in Emotional Release, Oils of Ancient Scripture, as well as safe Essential Oil application. This is a three day intensive through the Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education that I completed in 2008 and just recently again this year, along with years of hands-on practice.

It is my joy to discuss & research the oils that would best suit you and your family.  I would be thankful for the opportunity to teach you how to safely use the oils in your home or practice. 


Please read more about the Center for Aromatherapy Research & Education by clicking the icon.